Hi, my name is Luca Bresadola and I am a photographer specialized in visual storytelling. 

Graduated in Design and Arts, I continued my research by attending specialization courses in Fashion Photography at the IED and in Photography Direction at the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema. This allowed me to work on film sets with Oscar-winning directors and actors: Xavier Koller, Giuseppe Tornatore and Jeremy Irons, but it was by working with the skilled masters there that I was able to learn invaluable techniques and representation methods. 


Luca Bresadola Italian photographer who creates small worlds and miniature sets

"Each person and each product is steeped in its own story, but it is how it is told that makes it truly interesting".


My work process is divided into two phases: careful planning and research during which I give free rein to ideas, stories and graphic expressions. Only once this phase has been properly developed do I move on to a material approach. By touching something one is forced to totally perceive it, taking it from the world of ideas and abstract perceptions to the real world.

Creative process and philosophy of Luca Bresadola

And it is precisely at the moment of perception of the material that the best discoveries take place. It frees the mind from the constraint of rational thought, leaving the body to manage the sensations.
You experiment and evolve in a continuous search for the perfect mistake, exploring new nuances and going even deeper into the narration you are going to tell.

"something you can touch, it's something you can believe in."

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